Submissions for Young Adult and Romance opens October 2020.


Submissions for our Kaleidoscope Anthology open September-October 2020

Kaleidoscope requirements:

Title must be a color, theme must be around that color.

Format: Docx. Font- Garamond 14 pt.

Word Count – 3,000-6,000 words.

Please read the submission instructions in full. 

– Failure to comply could result in your submission being rejected or sent back for correction. At this time we are only accepting manuscripts in English.

– Word count requirements, themes, and deadline dates are detailed against each submission call.

Submitting your work

Please email the correct acquisitions editor for the current call and genre.

Please send a query letter, the first three chapters and a synopsis of your work.


Formatting your manuscript

– All manuscripts must be in .doc/.docx format.

– At the top of the manuscript please include your author name, email address, story title, and approximate word count.

– Font: Garamond 14 point

– Spacing: Double line spaced. Indent new paragraphs or set formatting to do this.

– Spelling: American English

Competition is tough. We are looking for stories that grab us, hold our attention and are slightly out of the box. Look at our other publications to see what we publish in each genre.

Also, begin your subject line with QUERY for

(editor’s name): (title of the manuscript)
(e.g. QUERY for Jean: The Hobbit Takes Manhattan).

We love all our writers, current and prospective, and we will respond to each inquiry so you aren’t in limbo.

If you haven’t heard from us feel free to nudge us after three months.

If you still have questions, we have an Author FAQ that may address them, or you can always use our Contact Us page to reach out to us.


We like to see

Well-written, concise letters that include your bio and any relevant writing experience. If you can pitch your entire manuscript in three sentences and make us want to read it, you’re already ahead of the game. Feel free to include in the body of the email the first 10 pages so we can get an idea of your writing. We do not open unsolicited attachments.

If we do request a manuscript, our turnaround time can be a few days to six months, so please be patient.

We will also ask you for the synopsis at this time.