Suze Foster has always been devoted to her daughter. As a child, Jannie required extra support in school, but now-at age 29-she’s a rising executive. Suze, thrilled with Jannie’s success, is finally free to follow her own dreams.

Without Suze’s dedicated attention, though, Jannie flounders. In a careless moment, she floods her apartment. Enter our hero, Aram-her hot but significantly older neighbor. He saves the day, and for Jannie, it’s love at first sight.

Not so much for Aram, though, who falls head over heels for Suze when they accidentally meet. Unaware of Jannie’s feelings, Suze is equally smitten.

In this twisted triangle, can a happily-ever-after be achieved? Or will someone’s heart break and the mother-daughter bond be severed forever?



Praise for So Hard To Do

“So Hard to Do” is not just a different kind of love triangle, but a different growth experience that will lead patrons to laugh, cry, and ponder. Women’s book groups who choose it for discussion will find many titillating topics within.”   – Mid-West Book Review

“Laugh-out-loud comic moments pepper this unusual romance. I was drawn in by the cast of unforgettable characters, some of whom are on the autism spectrum, and discovered an unexpectedly sensitive and sympathetic portrayal of friendship, love, and longing on the spectrum..” Amazon review

“Fun, entertaining, emotional at times….I couldn’t put it down.” Amazon review


“So Hard to Do revolves around three adults who are challenged by life .. The characters were brilliant and authentic.” Readers Favorite


Annette and Laila have always dreamed of wielding magic. When they learn of the chance to apply for coveted apprenticeships at Paduane’s royal magical academy, they seize the opportunity.

     Leaving their small town behind, the girls are dazzled—and daunted—by the castle’s magnificence. Somehow, they squeak through their auditions, only to be devastated when they’re separated into different units: Annette to train in defensive tactics, and Laila to become a magical warrior. Their new world is exciting, but perils and deceit lurk everywhere. Not all the teachers are what they seem, and the stakes are much higher than just getting good grades. 

       Will these two determined girls thrive in this dangerous school of magic? And, in spite of being forced apart, can best friends find a way to stay true to each other forever?


Sally Basmajian is an escapee from Canada’s broadcasting business. Before fleeing the corporate world, she was Bell Media’s Vice President and General Manager, Comedy and Drama. In February 2020, she was awarded first prize in both the Fiction and Non-Fiction categories for Ontario’s Rising Spirits contest, and she recently placed third in the WOW-Women on Writing short fiction contest. She completed her Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing at Humber College in 2019 and holds a Master of Arts in Musicology from the University of Toronto.When she isn’t walking Parker the Sheltie, or golfing with her tolerant friends, or dreaming up a new story, she’s usually tucked away in a flowery nook in Niagara-on-the-Lake, nose deep in a novel.

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