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“The voice was coming from inside him … But it wasn’t his.”

The Whisp is a fugitive. Living in between worlds, she flees from veteran hunters and the General who wishes to corrupt her power.

For Will Devine, nothing could be worse than someone else knowing his thoughts.

When an unfortunate incident in the boy’s toilet mysteriously binds the two souls together, Will is horrified to find he is no longer the only voice inside his mind. With no way apart, the two of them must work together to find a solution.

But with one teacher dead and another student’s life on the line, can they survive long enough to escape from each other?

Praise for Will and the Whisp

“creative scenarios and tales of unexpected connections will find Will and the Whisp an outstanding work of literature. It invites with a promise, a song, and surprising connections that carry Will into alien territory both elsewhere and in his own heart.” – Mid West Book Review

Loved this book. Fun to read and thought provoking too. The author is clearly a great story teller. – Amazon review

A really well written novel. Grips you from the first page.


Ross MacKay lives in the village of Aberdour in Scotland with his family.

In 2020, Ross was the recipient of the William Soutar Award for Poetry and a Tom McGrath Trust Maverick Award. He has been commissioned to write poetry for libraries, schools, and festivals across Scotland.

Ross previously worked in theatre as the artistic director of Tortoise in a Nutshell. His productions toured all over the world. His shows have received numerous prestigious awards including a Scotsman Fringe First for New Writing and a Critic’s Pick from The New York Times.

When Ross isn’t writing or making shows, he spends his time in his inflatable kayak, trying to steer it as best he can. He loves gardening and is currently engaged in a fierce battle with a collection of snails who seem to love the rhubarb and potatoes just as much as Ross.

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