Robin Alvarez

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Robin Alvarez is a beach bum living in the desert with her husband and two kids. Something of a career taste-tester, she has worked in news stations, made TV commercials, edited high-end wedding videos, crafted industrial animations, been a photographer, a painter, and an English teacher. After having kids, she switched to working from home by teaching Chinese students online and returned to school to get her masters in creative writing. Robin was co-editor of the literary magazine The Sage, in which her short stories have been published. She has written for a business magazine and currently works at Sul Ross State University.

In her free time, Robin enjoys watching K-dramas while doing face masks, singing karaoke, making her kids costumes, and swimming with her family. She will be best friends for coffee.

When Oceans Rise

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By the time seventeen-year-old Malaya’s toxic boyfriend hits her, she can’t leave him. So disconnected from her family and friends, she turns to the sea to decide her fate. Its decision? Toss her to the Sea Witch.

Because Malaya has a death wish, the Sea Witch barters her voice for a new life—one in which Malaya was never with her abusive boyfriend. But when Malaya timeshifts into her new existence, she discovers she shipped a happier Malaya off to her crummy, old life and that Aswangs, Tikbalangs, and other assorted Filipino Mythological creatures now run rampant in both worlds. The Sea Witch used her voice to unleash the beasts. With the help of Salvador, the God’s champion who pulled Malaya out of the ocean, and her alternate timeline sister, Gabrielle, they fight the discovery of these mythological beasts before the next full moon when the Sea Witch will use the collective power of belief in mythical creatures to escape her underwater prison. Malaya can end it all if she truly wants to return to her old life. But as she gets further away from her ex and closer to Salvador and Gabrielle, her ability to save the world becomes impossible.