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Submerged in a toxic relationship and disconnected from everyone, she turns to the sea to decide her fate. Its decision? Toss her to the sea witch.

Seventeen-year-old Malaya is cursed. In her family, every girl’s first love ends in death after falling for someone evil. Good thing Malaya’s dream guy isn’t monstrous.
Except the curse is real and preventing Malaya from noticing how much he has gaslit and isolated her until she can’t be saved. With no other options, the sea witch is the only one to help her.
Bartering her voice for a new life where she and her abusive boyfriend never met, Malaya accidentally swaps places with an alternate timeline version of herself who never made her mistakes. As she tries to undo the switch, the sea witch uses Malaya’s voice to unleash Filipino mythological creatures into the worlds.
Can a champion, an alternate timeline sister, and Malaya fight these beasts and stop the sea witch before she destroys both timelines?

Praise for When Oceans Rise

“A gorgeous debut about gods, monsters, and the courage it takes to love (and free) yourself. When Oceans Rise deserves a place on every shelf.” — Gigi Griffis, author of THE WICKED UNSEEN

A spellbindingly fresh reimagining of The Little Mermaid that will bewitch readers until they reach the final page. Malaya is a compelling protagonist entrapped in a conflict that will resonate with the realities of many young women. You can’t help but to root for her as she traverses through alternate timelines rife with creatures from Filipino folklore and her own personal demons. Alvarez is a brilliant new voice to watch in the world of fantasy fiction.” — Priyanka Taslim, author of THE LOVE MATCH

In a nutshell, this is an emotional ride that navigates the waves of an abusive relationship. The emotions in this cautionary tale are raw and relatable, and will sweep you off your feet. Beautifully woven with the magic of rich Filipino culture, Alvarez’s remarkable debut will stay with you beyond the last page.” — Joyce Chua, author of LAND OF SAND AND SONG 

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Robin Alvarez is the author of the #1 New Release YA Ethnic Fairy Tale When Oceans Rise (May 2023). Strong female characters, mythological creatures, and mixed-race perspective are hallmarks of her work. While she’s spent the majority of her life in beach towns, having almost drowned several times, she currently resides in a desert where the waters are less likely to kill her.

Robin’s work has been featured on OwlCrate, ABC, and NBC news affiliates.

You can connect with her on tiktok @robiiehood or through mail at P.O. Box 421994 Del Rio, Tx 78842-1994

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