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The word was just below a whisper, yet in sixteen-year-old Reith’s ears, it rang louder than he could have ever imagined. Reith had his life in order: apprentice under his mentor, Master Chronicler Vereinen, and follow in his footsteps. Until a shadowy figure appeared in his village, burning everything to the ground, including Reith’s future. Now Reith’s mentor is missing and Reith is on the run from the mysterious Shadow.

Reith adventures through magical forests, ancient ruins, and the lands of prejudiced elves to find his mentor, learn the secret of his sword and unravel the mystery of the Shadow.

Will Reith discover the truth or will the Shadow continue to fall over all of Terrasohnen?

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lashes on a pirate ship, battles on a castle wall, and an ancient secret unfolds. When life or death is at stake, one side must make a sacrifice to win.


After fleeing the Elven capital, Reith and his friends must race across Terrasohnen to warn the dwarves of the Shadow’s long reach. Each new revelation brings even more questions and Reith has so much to learn about Shadows and his mysterious sword. Time is against Reith. Death stalks him in the desert, mountains, and sea, and the ever present darkness looms large over all.


Will they reach the dwarves in time to prevent more death? Or will the Shadow’s destruction be too great, consuming everyone in the kingdoms of Terrasohnen?

Praise for N. K. Carlson

“Water and Blood is the second book in the young adult fantasy series The Chronicles of Terrasohnen, and presents a blend of mystery, fantasy, and swashbucking pirate story. It will especially engage prior readers of the epic sword-and-sorcery clash between powers experienced by Reith and his friends.”

-Mid West Book Review

“This was an excellent fantasy, on par with The Wheel of Time and The Sword of Truth series. Although geared for young adults, even older fantasy lovers will easily fall in love with the amazing characters and rich world within the pages.” – Amazon review

This story is compelling and captures my attention throughout. It is a wonderful adventure that I did not want to end! – Amazon review


N. K. Carlson (1993-currently alive, thank you very much) is a storyteller living in the Panhandle of Texas. He is originally from Libertyville, IL. While in college, he began his first novel, which he soon abandoned. Then he began another, which again was quickly abandoned. In seminary, he began a third novel. It also was discarded. In 2017, he began a fourth novel. He finished it. In 2022, it was published as “Shadow and Sword,” Book One of “The Chronicles of Terrasohnen,” a YA fantasy series following 16 year-old Reith as he fights against an evil Shadow.

His writing touches on themes of good vs. evil, light and darkness, and the choices we all face during our lives.

In addition to writing, he is a musician and enjoys spending time with his wife, Haley, and their sons. He writes regularly at https://medium.com/@nkcarlson

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Shadow and Sword ISBN: 978-1956183931

Water and Blood ISBN: 978-1956183887

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