Marketing Tips Part One

Marketing Tips Part One


June 2, 2020

Marketing. Most authors would rather write than market their books. It takes time, money, and patience. So what’s an author to do? Here are 5 things to think about when marketing your book. None of these are a magic wand that will make your book sell overnight. But, they can point you in the right direction.

  1. Author Platform

An author platform is something that needs to be established early before your book is released or before you query. Some people say it’s because agents and publishing companies want to see that you have a following before they sign you. There may be some truth to that but as a publishing company, there are more important reasons to have an established platform.

When you have an established platform you already have an audience ready for your books. You’ve built up through engagement and interaction with a group of people that are supporting you and waiting to buy your book when it’s released. This is essential. CJM author Alaine Greyson discusses author platforms in her latest blog post and podcast.

2. Newsletter

Newsletters are essential for communicating with your readers. Make a landing page or subscription pop up for your website using Mailchimp or Mailerlite. Email your audience at least once a month. Be consistent! Pick a date or day of the week and email your newsletter every month on that day or date. Include updates on your writing, promote and review other author’s books, and share excerpts of your writing. This will help build an audience that is excited and waiting for your next book.

3. Reader Magnet

Sites like Book Funnel and StoryOrigin are great ways to grow your newsletter using Reader Magnets. Requiring readers to opt into your newsletter and build a reader base. Learn more about reader magnets from Alaine Greyson’s YouTube video.

4. Ads

Ads are another way to market your books. These are tricky and need practice, patience, and a little bit of money. Facebook ads are a great way to start. They are easier and often see the most return on investment. Amazon ads are trickier. I suggest researching before you choose and experiment with a low-cost ad before you commit too much money.

5. Consistency

Be consistent! With whatever you do, be consistent. It’s a competitive field out there and if you are complacent and don’t engage daily with your audience, you won’t get a loyal following. Consistency is key to marketing.

Are you a Romance or Young Adult Fiction writer? CJM is opening submissions in October!

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