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Boys were stupidand Charlie was done with them all.

Hanging with her best friend, lounging by the pool, and the attention of her crush was all Charlie needed for a perfect summer. Especially the summer before senior year. 

When her parents trick her into some twisted working vacation, Charlie thought her whole life was ruined. And to make matters worse, they are leaving the same day as her best friend’s summer bash—the very one they had spent months planning.

Samuel Foster finally makes a move, but she’s stuck in a different state. When Charlie starts to meet guys her age on her road trip, she begins to wonder who she really is and if the things at home matter as much as she thought.

Will Samuel’s attraction still hold her attentionOr will someone new come and sweep her off her feet?

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Sometimes the only way to save your reputation in high school is to risk trashing it.

Riley Mills is a big city girl. So after her parent’s messy separation, her life being uprooted to a small North Carolina town is less than ideal. Upon her arrival to her new school, everyone knows her name, even the elite popular girls.

When two of the girls lash out from jealousy, Riley is determined to stay clear, after all she has enough going on in her world. But as Riley’s star rises with her wins in track will the demands of the mean girls bring her to her knees, or will she stand up to them even if it means having her reputation trashed?

It was almost impossible to heal when everyone was out to get you. Shelby Rowe was stuck between two worlds—the one she wanted and the one everyone else wanted for her. As the daughter of a prominent family in Honey Cove, Shelby’s life was out of her control. Her friends, interests, and even her love life was controlled by others. When a new girl moves to town, Shelby’s life was turned upside down as she gets a glimpse of what life could be like—no obligations, no pressure. As the Christmas break begins, Shelby is left stuck between what is expected and what she feels is right. Split in half, Shelby has to make decisions to correct her life and heal her spirit. Will she allow others to control who she is? Or will she finally go out on her own?

Never fall in love. It only breaks your heart. Sophie Graham didn’t believe in love … not anymore. Ever since her father died, Sophie watched the pain her mother went through. Love was messy and not worth taking the risk. When her mother starts dating again and things get serious, Sophie’s beliefs get called into question. Not to mention, she has to work at the movie theater with a boy she had almost kissed from a stupid dare. Pushed together by the manager, she has to spend more time with Drew than she had wanted to ever again. Will she open her heart to love and the possibilities? Or will she bar her heart from everyone?

Three couples. One beach house. A summer to fall in love or end in despair.

Only Sophie and Drew ended junior year of high school together. Riley hopes to make this her summer to officially be with Randy. While Shelby hopes without the long distance, she and Luke have a chance to see what the flirting is all about.

When the six of them have the opportunity to spend the whole summer at Shelby’s beach house, they jump on the chance to spend all their time with each other and without parents.

Will the summer sun and the beach strengthen their relationships or upend them?


Falling in love with a senior was risky … especially when he was your best friend’s brother.

Allie Duncan started sophomore year with two aspirations, make her school’s volleyball team and keep her crush on Hunter Baylor, her best friend’s brother, a secret. If Mia found out, she would feel betrayed. The crush was useless anyway. Hunter was a star basketball player and she was a nobody. Or so she thought until his attention was piqued after Allie went on the Baylors’ summer vacation. When Hunter goes to homecoming with Allie’s sophomore rival, she’s devastated and her confidence is destroyed, especially after his date tells her the Baylors pity her. Hunter tries to make it up to Allie, which leads to a kiss, leaving Allie confused.

Can she push this crush out of her heart to save her friendship? Or is Hunter worth the risk?

He was my fake boyfriend. I was his tutor. But no one needed to teach me that real feelings wasn’t part of the deal.

Marley Wix, the goes-to-school-and-studies-hard type of girl. That’s what my superlative in the yearbook would be if my school cared. My graduation was in less than a month and I couldn’t be more excited to get to college and start on my journey in finance. But my cousin Andrea, never let me forget that all my knowledge about numbers, hadn’t transferred to boys. I had been dateless, boyfriend less, and never kissed in all four years of high school. Which was fine, totally fine.

So my birthday gift this year? A gag gift meant to remind me how alone I really was. But I was done letting her win. So I lied and said my boyfriend would do the dates with me from my gift, but I was single. Very single.

I almost gave in, until I overheard Wyatt Shaw pleading with his history professor for more time, so he doesn’t fail. And it hit me. I would tutor him and he could be my fake boyfriend. The perfect match.

Andrea would never know that the dates were fake and he could pass his senior year. It was the perfect plan, until we kissed and then those long lashes and brown eyes were all I could think about. It was fine, I could do this. We were just friends, I think.

Praise for Marie McGrath

“Teens will find The Fate of a Crush a wholesome and involving tale that holds important points about traditions and interconnected, close lives.: – Mid West Book Review

“A feel good summer adventure that had me hooked as the main character, Charlie visited different college campuses on the East Coast. Each stop was filled with a new experience that intertwined the intrique of romance, friendship, humor and family. I am so glad I tagged along for this road trip!” -Amazon review

” I really couldn’t put this book down because I couldn’t wait to see what happened next. Highly recommend reading this book if you like clean, YA romance.” – Amazon review


Marie McGrath lives in a small rural town in Maryland. She hopes to inspire others with her stories. Her favorite genres to read are YA Romance and Contemporary Fiction. She loves the color turquoise, tigers, and listening to music.

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