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You keep it on the inside because it’s the safest place to hide.

Fifteen-year-old Elliot ‘Matchstick’ Hart spends his days caring for his mum and hiding from the school bully.

Fifteen-year-old Josh McBride spends his days tormenting Elliot and avoiding his abusive stepdad.

Inspired by a picture in an old newspaper, Elliot embarks on an adventure to the city. Little does he know that Josh has decided to join him. On their journey, strangers and surprises force them to look at each other in a different light.

As secrets are uncovered, can the boys bury their differences or will it tear them further apart?

Praise for Are You Okay, Elliot Hart?

“This book doesn’t read like a debut at all, but has smooth, richly layered storytelling that speaks of an author who really, truly sees people.”  – H A Robinson, author of “The Pebble Jar”

“Brilliant, compelling writing, this is a story that should be in every secondary school library.” – Emma Finlayson-Palmer, author of “Autumn Moonbeam”

“A masterclass in empathy.” – Hannah Moffat, author of “Small”

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Kate grew up in a small town in Lancashire, England with her mum, dad and two older brothers. A bit of a tomboy, she loves nothing more than going out for adventures with her brothers, as long as she was back before dark. 
She studied English at Reading University and gained a teaching qualification at Manchester. Nowadays, Kate spends her day teaching English at a local high school in Cheshire and her evenings are spent writing stories close to her heart. 
She believes teenage years can be particularly difficult and wants to create stories that show empathy and hope for her readers. She lives with her husband, two children and Jessie, the miniature schnauzer.

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