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An adult fairytale about a girl who might know how to fly, a neurobotanist who might be a dragon, an innkeeper who might be a machine and a politician who might be the antichrist.

Millicent McTeer grows to adulthood in Ashton, an Appalachian tourist town, convinced she knows how to fly. With a new president in power, the life Millicent knew changes. The government has spies on every corner, coercing citizens to follow the new order. As the country descends into anarchy, Millicent is drawn into political activism by her professor and becomes an exile.

In the Laurel Creek Containment District, separated from the chaos of the Atlantic American Republic, she finds a new life. As she develops her unique abilities and leads the exiles, incursions from the outside world threaten to destroy the tranquil life they have built together.

Will Millicent reclaim her reality and discover the peace that has eluded her?

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Not everything is what it seems.

Drovers Gap, population 703, appears to the tourists passing through as one more sleepy Appalachian village, just off the interstate, on the way to someplace spectacular and important. But there are simmering tensions and unspoken malice behind the seemingly placid facades, and a spark from afar will ignite an explosive and insatiable evil that hungers to devour the town and everyone in it.

Praise for Henry Mitchell

“There is the same extraordinary world-building you’ll find in all of Mitchell’s fiction and a few repeating characters, including the all-important character of place. Authentic Appalachian speech and references to Celtic mythology run throughout all of Mitchell’s work, along with a deep sense of a natural morality not always supported by religion, and in fact often criminally undermined by it.” – Amazon review

The story features thought-provoking social, political, and psychological insights to draw and delight readers across genres, posing questions that even tread lightly into spiritual realms as Millicent finds other travelers on her path and begins to wonder if her choices, life, and actions are being influenced and directed in some manner.
From an abiding presence that Millicent taps to the process by which others uncover their own special gifts, the Appalacian world and that of fantasy blossom and entwine in a compelling saga of journeys, changes, and layers of worlds that coexist with our own. Peel them away for a profoundly thought-provoking story that holds its roots in both reality and other dimensions. – Mid West Book Review

“The Winged Child is a highly original and important work of art and I feel very fortunate to have read it. It is a book I will read many times and that’s the most I can say about any book.” – Amazon review

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Henry Mitchell has written six novels and two collections of short stories. He reads and writes in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

Henry Mitchell has written six novels and two collections of short stories. He reads and writes in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.


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