Jinny Alexander

Jinny Alexander

Jinny was first published in Horse and Pony magazine at the age of ten. She’s striving to achieve equal accolade now she’s(allegedly) a grown up.

Jinny obtained a distinction in an Open University Advance Writing course in 2017, and since then, has had some success with short story and flash competitions. Dear Isobel will be her first published novel. She also has a series of cozy mysteries in the pipeline.

Jinny teaches English as a foreign language to people all over the world. Her home for now is in rural Ireland, which she shares with her husband, a steady stream of visitors from overseas, and far too many animals. Her children are grown and almost independent now. Jinny quite likes to shut the door on all that, and write.

Jinny Alexander Books

Dear Isobel

Two marriages, a bucket full of dreams and a pile of broken hearts.

She’s not sharing her name. She’s been judged enough.

Once, she had it all: a supportive husband, lovely children, and a prestigious career revitalising failing businesses in the wake of Ireland’s recession.

When her friend Isobel suggested she take on a new job in their tiny rural community, she didn’t expect to fall in love.

Now she has become the other woman, the marriage wrecker, the cheat, and the betrayer.

When the illicit relationship ends, she’s stuck between the ruined affair and a crumbling marriage. Jobless and bereft, she must try to salvage what remains.

Will talking to Isobel help pick up the pieces or shatter their lives forever?

Happily Ever Never

What happens when someone breaks your heart?

Nine stories of heart break and love lost, showing the flip side of love. Enjoy tales from Henry Mitchell, Jinny Alexander, Tyler Wittkofsky, Lo Potter, Marie McGrath, Kyleigh McCloud, Sally Basmajian and Alaine Greyson.

Guard your heart. Losing in love stinks.


12 stories to fright and delight. As the air turns cooler and bonfires take over the night, gather around the fire for stories of fall fun, strange occurrences and abject terror. These stories by published authors Jinny Alexander, N. K. Carlson, Lo Potter, Andrew Parker, Gerri R. Gray, Marie McGrath and Alaine Greyson are sure to get your heart pumping and take your imagination on a wild ride.


Seven authors, ten stories surrounding the meaning of color.

The stories span genres from romance to historical fiction and explore how color is used to explain events in life, feelings, and experiences.