Henry Mitchell

Henry Mitchell

Henry Mitchell reads and writes in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

He has written five novels and two collections of short stories.

Henry Mitchell Books

The Winged Child

An adult fairytale about a girl who might know how to fly, a neurobotanist who might be a dragon, an innkeeper who might be a machine and a politician who might be the antichrist.

Millicent McTeer grows to adulthood in Ashton, an Appalachian tourist town, convinced she knows how to fly. With a new president in power, the life Millicent knew changes. The government has spies on every corner, coercing citizens to follow the new order. As the country descends into anarchy, Millicent is drawn into political activism by her professor and becomes an exile.

In the Laurel Creek Containment District, separated from the chaos of the Atlantic American Republic, she finds a new life. As she develops her unique abilities and leads the exiles, incursions from the outside world threaten to destroy the tranquil life they have built together. Will Millicent reclaim her reality and discover the peace that has eluded her?

Happily Ever Never

What happens when someone breaks your heart?

Nine stories of heart break and love lost, showing the flip side of love. Enjoy tales from Henry Mitchell, Jinny Alexander, Tyler Wittkofsky, Lo Potter, Marie McGrath, Kyleigh McCloud, Sally Basmajian and Alaine Greyson.

Guard your heart. Losing in love stinks.

Dark and Stormy Night

Beware the coming storm!

Ten stories of dark nights. Stories of psychological and physical storms. Stories that might keep you up, gripping the covers and begging for the sun. Enjoy tales by Henry Mitchell, Nikki Knight, Christopher Bond, Tyler Wittkofsky, Kate S. Martin, L. A. Stinnett, Kyleigh McCloud, Josslyn Dyer, and Alaine Greyson.

Are you afraid of the storm?