Happy New Year!


Looking to build your 2023 reading list? Look no further! CJM brings you 18 new titles this year! Check out our line up below!

January brings a rom com from Sally Basmajian. So Hard to Do is on preorder and releases the end of this month!

Henry Mitchell returns with his latest Magical Realism tale, Among the Fallen, in February.

In March we start an adventure with Book 1 of the Heroes of Avoch Trilogy by K. M. Warfield. Scales and Stingers is a fantasy book you won’t want to miss.

April brings us another adventure in Terrasohnen. N. K. Carlson is back with Water and Blood, Book 2 of his YA fantasy trilogy.

We have two exciting books in May! Rachel Corsini’s steamy fiction, Sushi and Sea Lions and Robin Alvarez’s YA Little Mermaid retelling are exciting reads!

Diane Billas’s debut, Does Love Always Win? and Marie McGrath’s latest YA romance fills our June.

Deliver Me is a must-read romance! Ashley Hawthorne’s debut is a July treat!

Like Sci-Fi? Nick Wilford’s The Becalmer, a YA Sci-Fi, releases in August.

Robin Alvarez returns in September with her YA Paranormal romance, Paramour.

The long awaited sequel to Are You Okay, Elliot Hart releases in October along with Marie McGrath’s version of a Little Mermaid.

We wrap up with an exciting November! Book 2 in the Heroes of Avoch trilogy, Mariah Stillbrook’s witchy fantasy, In the Pines and Sean R. Frazier’s Mage Breaker will top an exciting year of releases!

Check them out on our website! https://www.creativejamesmedia.com

Happy reading!

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